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Featured Product

PCH Rack Mount 110 Punchdown/RJ45 - Overview

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The PCH Series of Protected Patch Panels helps ensure the reliable operation of equipment utilizing CAT6/5e/5 Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE), 100/1000 Base T, T-1, ISDN, and telco protocols where system availability is absolutely critical.


  • State-of-the-art, avalanche diode and thyristor technology
  • Self-resetting, 2000 Watt, bi-directional circuit
  • Convenient, integral, wiring management system


  • Affordable, superior, equipment protection
  • Improved reliability and maximized system up-time
  • Adaptability to most industry applications

The PCH series is a 110 IDC to RJ45 patch panel with built-in surge protection. These devices help guard sensitive, high speed communication equipment from systems damage, data loss and down time resulting from the effects of lightening, surges, electrostatic discharge and other induced voltages on data lines.

PCH units include industry-standard, 19" rack-mounting for structured cabling environments, TIA/EIA CAT6 Standard compliance and an extremely fast response time of less than 5 nanoseconds. Convenient, built-in, all-wire protection makes this patch panel cost effective and a real time saver.

Designed for high-speed data, voice and multimedia applications in structured cabling environments for mid to large-size business today, these units incorporate the latest in communication protection technology for mission critical installations.

The self-resetting, 2000 Watt, bi-directional circuit provides maximum reliability. Over voltages are safely shunted to ground via an 11" braided wire and chassis frame for maximum protection.

PCH - Ideal for 19" Relay Rack Applications Supporting Routers, Switches, ISDN, T-1, Telco and other high speed communi-
cations /networking equipment.

Cylix  http://www.cylix.com Data Line Surge Protection for Network/LAN, Personal Computer, Point of Sale, Telecommunications, and Voice Communications including Ethernet surge protection and PoE protection.

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